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Kritika is new generation provider of convergence solutions. It aims to be a trained setter in information technology and telecom by offering high quality to end to end solution to their clients, thus has been them maximize their business opportunity growth potential .

Seamless Roaming


A company is growing, and its personnel are constantly on the move – from meetings to the R&D lab to the office, and so on. The network is constantly evolving, as new people are coming aboard and moving about with notebook computers and other network devices. The job of the network administrator is still the same: deliver reliable, secure, managed network access.

  Strong Technical/Marketing & Sales Team
  Technically Trained and Competent Service Engineers
  On line complaint handling system providing round the clock service
  Large Customer Base
  Can offer total solutions with a range of Products – “One stop solution”



Vastly simplify network infrastructure issues for companies experiencing rapid growth and constant change of employee location

Notebook, desktop, and handheld PCs equipped with WLAN Adapters

Give mobile workers the best possible network connection at all times and with the utmost flexibility wherever their work takes them

Access Points strategically placed throughout the network environment

Allow constant network growth with efficient network management

WLAN works with the (Management System) to easily manage the wireless network, including configuration, monitoring of network activities and connection performance, and security settings of the whole WLAN from a single computer

Protect sensitive data

Data encryption and authentication features protect sensitive data traveling across the WLAN

  Public Hot Spot

For today’s mobile user, one of the most critical needs is the ability to work while on the road or away from the office (or school).



Give network access capabilities over the whole facility with minimized cabling to maintain

Access Points strategically placed throughout the venue and acting as an interface to the Internet via a broadband connection

Maximize business traveler productivity and convenience

WLAN Adapters provided for checkout from a reception counter

Maintain security over wireless links to encourage increased business use as mobile users gain confidence in public wireless-access-enabled locations

Data encryption and authentication features protect sensitive data traveling across the WLAN works with the(Management System) to easily manage the WLAN network by including configuration, monitoring of network activities and connection performance, and security settings of the whole WLAN from a single computer

  Wireless Bridging

A recreation farm is expanding and needs to transmit and receive data from widely separated offices.



Provide a cost-effective replacement for laying expensive, and tough-to-install cables

Antennas and Wireless Bridges were used to build the main network channel

Provide comprehensive coverage of a large indoors and outdoors area

Access Points were placed in key offices over the entire farm

Need to connect in hard to wire locations (including connectivity over hills, through woods, etc.)

 high-powered antennas and Wireless Bridges provide connectivity over longer distances

Need a solution that is reconfigurable without additional cost

Easily put down and taken up wireless equipment requires no infrastructure building


Temporary Network


Competition organizers demand that information transmission and logistics be handled efficiently and quickly. Information and scores must be transmitted instantly to scoreboards, press desks, etc.



Dismantle and assemble networking equipment as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of damage, to shorten LAN relocation time

PCs are installed with WLAN adapters that remain in the machines when moved. Nothing to assemble/disassemble

Save manpower and money on network deployment where constant movement/change makes network cabling and multiple network drops expensive

Access points provide the PCs with an interface to the Internet/intranet via the existing network backbone

Notebooks and handheld PCs used by roaming staff must be able to easily log on from anywhere in the facility

Easily expandable/extendable by adding access points.

  Data Collection system

Meteorological center receives weather observations from multiple weather stations, some of them set up temporarily. Temperature, wind, and precipitation information must be transferred accurately and instantly.



Avoid investment in laying expensive and tough-to-install cables in order to shorten network setup time

Antennas and Wireless Bridges were used to build the main network channel

Connect hard to wire locations (including connectivity across hills, woods, etc.) at a low network deployment cost

high-powered antennas and Wireless Bridges provide connectivity over longer distances

Provide a high-efficiency Wireless LAN networking solution that acts as an interface between the Data Collection System and network backbone

Wireless Workgroup Bridges act as an interface between Access Points and Data Collection Systems


A medical plaza with several suites of specialists installs a wireless network to minimize paper work and improve patient care.



Permit doctors to enter prescriptions into a handheld computer and have the orders instantly sent to the pharmacy, and printed out at the receptionist’s desk, from any examining room in the plaza. Have the Patient’s electronic chart updated automatically at the same time

Notebook, desktop, handheld PCs and medical equipment installed with WLAN Adapters Wave Access Points placed throughout the network environment

Maintain patient data security over wireless links

Each of the clinic’s suites has its own Wireless Access Point that allows segregation of local data from the shared network Encryption and authentication security features protect patient data

  Surveillance System

A company found an urgent need to keep track of authorized and unauthorized people who enter and leave specific areas



Shorten network setup time and avoid laying expensive and tough-to-install cables.

Surveillance System includes: wireless motion detectors and photoelectric beams, magnetic contacts, shock and pressure sensors, and glass break detectors

Find a solution that acts as an interface between the Surveillance System equipment and the network backbone

Access Points placed around the location provide the Surveillance System with an interface to the existing network

Transmit high-bandwidth video data information

11Mbps data transfer rates ensure prompt real-time delivery of the Surveillance System generated files to a remote location for monitoring/analysis


Vertical Industry


Wireless LAN has become more popular in vertical industries (e.g., retail, warehousing and manufacturing) while AGV (Automatic Guidance Vehicle) application is widely adopted. Wireless LAN has been regarded as an enabler of mobile communications when workers must execute in a precise and timely manner.



Loud noise and electro-magnet interference from the machines and power lines in the manufacturing plant / warehouse made the communication uneasy

Great communication quality and noise free communication device needed to be adopted. WLAN seemed to be a good solution to fulfill the needs

Cable free communication environment was required, when the AGVs were circulating around the production line in the manufacturing plant

WLAN were installed to notebook, PCs and other needed devices, such as printers and terminals, etc, for creating a wire free communication environment.

The time loss for model change on the production line should be minimized, and warehouse inventory should also be well-controlled for eliminating the housekeep problem

Each AGV equipped with PCMICA card. And the Access Points were placed in the production and central control areas. Through the flexible dispatch of the AGV, the parts could be delivered promptly to the designated location.

Kritika strength reside people, affective process and use of leading edge technology.
Together these enables us to assists its clients in adapting to IT to meet they business challenges into gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Kritika provides products and services within the environment of technology life cycle management frame work that spans from development and deployment of IT solutions to long terms support of implemented systems which are designed and configured to suite the client needs. Kritika’s goal is to efficiently manage dynamic technology that drive and support business worldwide.

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