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*Kritika* is a broad based professional setup with a team of dedicated IT professionals consisting of well trained staff with extensive expressive experience in the field of communications. *Kritika* believe in a business philosophy that values fiscal independence, secure growth, and long-term sound relationships with our customers, vendors, and community.

Kritika have built up a reputation of being one of the most innovative networking companies in India. The wide spectrum of solutions offering enables Kritika to compete against the best of breed in technology and services. It also enables a very sound technology understanding and knowledge of the business, customer needs and technology updating that so dynamically happens.

Kritika is premier provider of handling projects like installation & commissioning of GSM/CDMA systems, VSAT ISDN, Internet Solutions, Access & Attendance Systems and Remote Access connectivity i.e. last Mile Connectivity with different favors of WiFi to the wired/wireless market place. In order to meet the challenge for providing consistent quality service, we staff each place with the compliment of network systems engineer, who have required technical and management experience. We assure the quality of project by having our service management teams working closely with client in all aspects of service delivery. We also conduct regular content and progress reviews to guarantee that project meet stated objectives.

Kritika’s mission is to “Keeps you exploring” by providing connectivity solutions for the networked enterprise. The company markets, supports hardware and software products for corporate network and having distribution channel for bulk supply. Backed by wide experience and expertise, it posses the added advantage of being able to offer complete WAN solutions right from simple Internet browsing to Videoconferencing, IP surveillance and Wireless links.

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